Letters to the Editor

Climate change

Somewhere between man’s activities having no effect on climate change and man’s activities being the only cause on climate change is the truth. Since the climate has changed before man existed on the planet I think we an agree it is not 100 percent man caused. The problem seems to be that experts and laymen alike seem to never put a percentage on the man-caused part and far too many have come to believe that man’s activities are not only causing the planet to warm but are the sole reason for every weather event that happens. Just saying when you are thinking about or discussing climate change realize that there is a percentage that can or may be caused by man’s activities and a percentage that is caused by the sun’s activities, the path of the earth around the sun and other natural events that have happened for a long long time. If people included that in their discussions then maybe they could come to more agreement.

Larrry Illman, Ferndale