Letters to the Editor

Suggests donations to aid farming veterans

Every Memorial Day I think of my husband who served in Vietnam and my ancestors who fought going back to the Revolutionary War, but most of all, I think of today’s vets who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s nice to have a parade and wave flags, but we can really show our support by helping a wonderful local group. Growing Veterans, made up of vets for vets, teaches vets with PTSD how to be sustainable farmers. Their produce, grown out by the King Tut Road, is sold at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market (through Growing WA, I think) and several VA hospitals south of here.

For several weeks now they have been running a GoFundMe campaign for a new/better refrigerator truck to get the produce south. There has been a small response. Do go look at their website and get this done. http://www.gofundme.com/qudy4c4

Remembering our vets who have come home is more than saying “Support Our Troops” and applause at a once-a-year parade. It’s supporting this worthy local effort. Thanks.

Janet Oakley