Letters to the Editor

Questions enforcement of lighter age limit

Yesterday I was very surprised to be asked to see my ID in order to buy a lighter from a convenience store. She scanned my card, and I went on my way, but it was something that I had never experienced when simply trying to buy a lighter. I did a quick check online to see other peoples’ opinions on it, and I was again surprised that there are many that have been outraged by this request.

I’m assuming that the legal age was 18-plus, but it made me start thinking about the issues surrounding this. Before the age of 18, I never had the need to buy a lighter. I didn’t start smoking until a few months ago, so I just happened to be the right age for all the necessary purchases I need. I don’t think kids should be able to buy lighters, because what would they be doing with them besides smoking with them or lighting things on fire that shouldn’t be lit?

That being said though, I certainly don’t see anyone picketing stores, demanding that they card their children on lighter purchases. Fire is a pretty easily accessible tool, and now I’m curious if this is just the beginning of a whole new reason to card people.

Aeron Murrin