Letters to the Editor

Suggests alternative for balanced districts

The Charter Review Commission seems dead set on making a change to the Whatcom County Charter that I believe will give an advantage to two predominately conservative districts over one predominately liberal district. They say this is in the interest of fairness. Some say they are working in the interests of their neighbors. I live in the 2nd district and am a progressive neighbor of some of the commissioners. Amendment 1 does not meet my fairness test. I believe it would stack the council in favor of the minority.

Instead I offer an alternative proposal that would have district-only voting for one member in each district and four at-large members. Folks in all districts range from conservative to progressive. This means that however any election comes out; some will feel they are not represented by their district council members.

This proposal takes that into account. Here’s why.

One member from each district would act as a bellwether for that district regarding the proportion of residents’ political leaning.

Four at-large members would act as a bellwether for Whatcom County as a whole regarding the proportion of residents’ political leaning.

This option would force citizens to: Put a candidate’s best campaign forward regardless of district, bring out good conservative candidates in liberal districts and good liberal candidates in conservative districts.

Ronna Loerch