Letters to the Editor

Unhappy state killing birds to save salmon

The article posted on May 27, 2015, titled, “Killing of cormorants to lower consumption of salmon begins,” it states that government hunters are killing cormorants on an uninhabited island near the mouth of the Columbia. It seems ironic and slightly counterproductive that humans are trying to control the population of one species by diminishing the population of another species. The article also mentions an alternative cause to the problem of the diminishing salmon population in the Columbia River dams. Although both the dams and the cormorants may contribute to the decline of the salmon population, I do not think that it is the place of humans to diminish the population of the cormorant species in order to try and increase the salmon population.

The usefulness of the dams in providing power and electricity to the greater Pacific Northwest must be weighed against the effect the dams have on the salmon migration and population. However, the killing of cormorants seems to be doing no favors in terms of wildlife preservation. I think that an alternate solution involving the preservation of wildlife and assistance to salmon migration would be more beneficial for all parties involved.

Sam Klootwyk