Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with how hospital workers treated

A few thoughts on what I believe is the unprofessional behavior PeaceHealth is using in their negotiation with the new hospital employee union and what I believe to be PeaceHealth’s ongoing assault on the common order that their treatment of hospital employees comes to symbolize. There is a universal way people should be treated, a way that respects their dignity as living creatures and I believe this way is being violated by PeaceHealth management. I believe their treatment of employees is not in line with the teachings of Pope Francis and the Catholic Church. Catholic social teaching is based, in part, on the idea that each person has equal dignity, that every worker is just as valuable as the most laudable high achiever. It is based on the conviction that God has a special love for the poor. This teaching emphasizes we are one human family to live in solidarity with one another. The Catholic Church and PeaceHealth as a part of that organization are formed around these principles. The idea is to provide a model of what the world look like if we really lead the lives that the Gospels suggest. PeaceHealth should be an organization that gives meaning to their employee’s lives. Peace Health needs to adhere to basic Catholic beliefs in these negotiations through their providing a contract with fair pay and access to affordable health care benefits.

Michael Eason