Letters to the Editor

Wants U.S. out of Middle East fight

With no access to secret knowledge and the power that gives the insights to government I just wonder if ISSIS is not really a bunch of Muslim freedom fighters trying to take back their countries from the corrupt officials western nations have placed in power.

We get upset with the ISSIS violence and beheadings of innocents, but Obama and his subalterns have no problem doing something I believe comparable, like using drones to kill tens of people with little qualm including some number of innocents.

Where will all this end? We believe we know so much, but it appears we do not know when to stay out of a fight. I believe we are back doing the same dangerously stupid actions taken during the Vietnam War. We have learned nothing, except how to subsidize the military industrial complex and the politicians that are bought and paid for by same.

Our country needs to leave people alone. We should try to focus on the needs at home, whether it is roads, bridges, sewers, the health and employment of our people, rather than the adventures abroad that have secured nothing but abuse and death for too many people — both American and Middle Easterners.

J. Kaye Faulkner