Letters to the Editor

RAVE: Memories of home on just-sold land

Thanks for the chuckle with the listing of “Real Estate Transactions” dated May 24, 2015.

In the second listing, 800 Harris Avenue sold for $2,200,000 March 31, 2015.

My family moved from Montana to Bellingham when I was 2 years of age. We rented the 800 Harris building (for our home). Building was two stories high, had approximately 20 rooms upstairs/down stairs. We lived upstairs as there was no power on the lower floor. My brothers and I torn out a wall in one of the rooms on the lower floor and had a gym as big as Lowell school of those days. With a good high tide, water would flood beneath the building due to a pipe that connected with Padden Creek. No problem as the building was build off the ground on piles.

We got all this for $14 per month. Then the building was condemned so we had to move out.

Growing up on the Southside (Fairhaven, as it was called in the old days) was the best. Bay and lakes to fish and swim in, Chuckanut to climb, Fairhaven Boys and Girl Club. What more could a young buck growing up want?

To the new owner, enjoy the property as much as I did.

Garey Vodopich