Letters to the Editor

RAVE: Recommends ‘Marina’ at Mount Baker Theatre

It would be presumptuous of me to think that I could do “Marina” justice with a few of my words. What I can say is this musical written by Sandy Wolf with music by Justin Melland, which had its world premier opening on May 22 at the Mount Baker Theatre, is it is a must-experience event. Its setting is in Blaine, Washington, in 1908. “Marina” is a well-balanced play-within-a-play and a musical-within-a-musical. It includes parallel love stories with an interesting twist on a love triangle.

It has great orchestration. From the first opening notes from the live orchestra, the music is a delight and the lyrics, which are not just inserted into the story but are the heart of the story, are wonderful. The melodies and harmonies express the conflicts of the times, which are there for everyone to witness. Finally, everything pivots on a tragic shipwreck near the end of the story.

The set was masterfully and simply executed. The stage switches from the Blaine cannery building and dock to Marina’s tavern where you can see three levels of activity at once, one at times being a ship at sea.

“Marina” gets an A-plus. Marina is one more good thing about Blaine.

Patrick Alesse

Birch Bay