Letters to the Editor

Ready to protest for her beliefs

I am thinking of a young woman locked of her own will, by her strong spirit, to the anchor chain of a support barge for Shell’s arctic drilling project; thinking of kayaks and canoes splashing the Seattle port in vibrant confrontation of the Shell’s Polar Pioneer drill rig.

I am thinking how resistance to the offhand destruction of our planet is swelling in hearts and mortal bodies of those who can’t bear to watch one oil spill longer, one cancer diagnosis more.

Now, when we’re faced with a glut of waste, toxins, and disastrous deadly error I’m thinking about a May 12, 2015, letter from SSA Marine/PIT to the Army Corps of Engineers. In that letter SSA/PIT, in an effort to build the nation’s largest coal terminal, here in Whatcom County, here on Lummi sacred land, alleged that they could study enough to potentially promise away what I believe to be the poison coal dust and vessel crashes, the herring extinction and desecration of hallowed ground. They suggested they’d be calling into question Lummi fishing practices and needs. They’d be amassing studies and expert opinions, running numbers, constructing promised reform for reducing Lummi objections to nothing to be counted, make them less than anything to care about.

Heartless companies who can’t understand sacred obligation and commitment can’t conceive of those among us who would lock them down and block them off. Get ready. We are here.

Dena Jensen