Letters to the Editor

Supports honesty of charter commissioners

I have attended the Charter Review Commission meetings and have been impressed with the quality of its members. Their convictions are divided about 50/50, as you might expect. But I believe all of them want what is best for the county. When people stand up to testify and accuse them of ulterior motives and financial skulduggery, I believe it shows only that the speakers are uninformed. They can look up the laws governing financial intake and outlay during charter campaigns. And remember, this is a local group – interested citizens can email the commissioners or phone them up. They can probably sit down with them if so desired.

At least at the local level, accusing our government representatives of evil motives and financial misdeeds seems simplistic. Are they strongly motivated? Yes. Do we disagree? Yes. But I have not met an elected representative here in the county who is up to no good.

Karen Brown