Letters to the Editor

Confident youth will deal with problems

I wish to respond to the letter of May 16 headlined “Concerned children worry about the future.” The first part of my childhood took place during WWII and I was not at all sure at times that the Allies would prevail. We next moved into the nuclear age when a war of total annihilation seemed always on the horizon. The “Cold War” was the symbol of that time, causing anxiety in the lives of many young people. Then came the Vietnam War; so, when was this wonderful time of “no worries and the future was wide open”? Each age has its own problems to deal with and we all cope with the problems of our time. The bright young people who I encounter today express optimism about their ability to cope with their world. I have asked many of them how they feel about their future and in my experience they are not depressed about it but rather are looking forward to the opportunities available to them. (And yes, we have left some big problems for them to resolve just as our parents did for us). I find that hopelessness and despair are attitudes which I encounter mainly in the older generation and not in today’s young people. I feel that we as “the older generation” should not project our own anxieties onto today’s youth but rather cheer them on to their own victories over the problems which we have handed to them.

Bob Hynes