Letters to the Editor

Asks county stop using weed killer

I’m very concerned about the county’s use of Roundup on potentially 250 miles of our roadways. For the past two decades, citizens have expressed concern to the Whatcom County Council over the use of glyphosate on the shoulders of our roads. Most of these roads have runoff ditches that flow into our local waterways, including the watersheds. Unfortunately, the County Council continues not to act on these concerns citing they are waiting for the EPA safety report due out later this year.

The World Health Organization has recently said glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, “probably” causes cancer in people, according to The New York Times. The EPA has known for decades the health implications of glyphosate, which I believe include cancer, renal failure and endocrine disrupter, just to name a few. I believe the EPA has lost credibility claiming this product is safe.

The Public Works department is scheduled to introduce an updated roadside weed management plan to the Council within the next few sessions and I ask the County Council and public works department to work together to stop the use of herbicides on our roadsides and implement a safer solution for weed control. I ask the public who may be concerned about the use of Roundup on our roadways be present at that meeting or contact your council members.

Stephanie Davis