Letters to the Editor

Suggests residents bicycle more often

Please, enough with the bicycle- and skateboard-related Rules of the Road column for a while. I believe it’s drivers asking the same intolerant questions. It’s getting really tiresome. In a town in which upwards of 97 percent of trips are by car, this column should be focusing on making vehicle operators better at what they do; it should not be a forum for them to whine about other modes of transportation. Work to improve the column and to educate the public in ways other than reciting RCWs. For example, if someone writes in about cyclists riding “willy nilly” down Holly “with no hope of stopping” remind them bikes have brakes and steering mechanisms.

On a side note, Bellingham celebrated Bike to Work day recently. Thanks to all who participated. I unfortunately was sick but I hear The Hub folks put on their 12th annual pancake feed in celebration. Please remember, if you’re able physically, cycling to work (and the store, to hikes, to the park, to school, to the circus, any utilitarian purpose really) every day of the year is OK. And it’s fun and healthy. You live in Bellingham. If you’re new, welcome. If you’ve been around awhile, congratulations, you are lucky to have been here. Regardless, please consider riding a bicycle or walking more often.

Pete Sharp