Letters to the Editor

Unhappy Lummi Nation wants to stop terminal

The Gateway Pacific Terminal project has been subjected to the broadest environmental review in our state’s history. Now that review is finally underway, the Lummi Nation has demanded that the Army Corps stop the review and deny permits. I believe they are asking to have veto power over this project without going through the process like everyone else has to, without the full facts, behind closed doors.

For working families here, I believe this is disrespectful and just plain wrong. We have waited patiently for several years while the government bodies have held public hearings all over the state. We have spoken out about the need for family-wage jobs. We have not asked for any special treatment. We want to keep this permit process fair for everyone, supporters and yes, even opponents. But it’s not fair to get halfway through and decide it’s done because someone doesn’t like it.

If the Army Corps gives in to the demands of the Lummis, I believe every other project someone doesn’t like in Washington is just plain doomed. Say goodbye to good jobs forever.

Linda Roll