Letters to the Editor

Says legislators don’t deserve raises

I heard former GOP state chairman Chris Vance say the 11 percent raise for legislators was needed to give them a living wage. Sounds to me like a tax-and-spend liberal. A school bus driver make less than half of their wages. I have to do my job every day. I have state patrol inspections and requirements to keep my license. I have to pass medical tests. My doctor has to pass specific standards to administer those tests. I have to pass surprise drug tests. My supervisor rides the bus to make sure I'm following all procedures correctly. The cameras on the bus record whenever the bus is running and their tapes can be pulled at any time to be reviewed and my times are constantly checked for accuracy. I'm not alone. Ask any nurse’s aide about their requirements, same for housekeepers and teacher’s aides. The very workers legislators put the rules and regulations on, but are unwilling to agree on how to pay them a living wage. We can find the money for legislators’ 11 percent wage increase. The argument for wage increases is to encourage better people to run for office. Good wages isn’t a good reason to attract better people to be bus drivers, teachers, nursing aids?

Yet, legislators don’t even have to show up for a vote and can thumb their noses at the Supreme Court over contempt of court charges. It appears wages have nothing to do with quality of work.

Larry Campbell