Letters to the Editor

Happy to see international trust

A front page photo in the Wall Street Journal showing Raul Castro, exuberantly gesticulating for a smiling Pope, illustrates a one-of-a-kind moment to a world beset with trustlessness, turpitude, treachery and torture. A moment that might just point the way to a completely different kind of international atmosphere we might all seek. With Barack Obama’s welcoming invitation to Cuba for detente and cooperation and our new Pope’s messages of spiritual openness, Raul looks a bit overwhelmed - even sounding ready to re-join “the church.” Enjoy the expression on Raul’s face.

It seems that nowhere else on this globe does there now exist such a positive feeling of hopeful expectation for sharing and trustful international relationships that we might all seek - one aimed at a totally new kind of world for fully developing our human potentials in every possible way.

How can we make the best of this moment?

Harry Skinner