Letters to the Editor

Says America going down the drain

Old school regiment under Christian rules of the 10 Commandments is the only way I believe America will be great.

I believe parents of today are in a mood of “me, myself, and I;” children of today have no guidance. The world owes you nothing.

The tribal wars of the nations boils beneath, whether it be religious or nationalities, and have keep us apart.

Where do you draw the line? Gay marriage, unmarried persons with children born out of wedlock, school dropouts, it looks to me like no one cares. I believe we are headed to a cesspool and until we have a depression to wake everyone up, America is going down the drain. With a depression, no one has anything. Do poor people loot and kill for their survival or pick themselves up by the shoe strings?

In Detroit and Ferguson people revolt, I believe not knowing the facts. Looters and the youth feel let’s burn, break glass. Where is peace in this? I believe we are reaching out to listen to the incorrigible as if they have rights. The rioters need to be brought under control. There is nothing peaceful in a melee. People want to be heard, but no one listens to screaming.

Darryl Ehlers