Letters to the Editor

Wants politically united county

District-only voting for Whatcom County Council positions I believe is simply a sham promoted by a few, but well organized, malcontents who want to retreat back to a 10th century feudal system. I remember the old days of three county commissioners and believe the lack of a broad-based governing body was detrimental, lacking long-range vision and planning. These malcontents’ memories are very short, as not too long ago our County Council was predominately “conservative.” That council changed due to the conservative’s performance. And it will change again, no group is perfect, it is part of our democratic system. Whatcom County is attractive as a united unit. Both urban and rural environments prosper together despite bumps in the ongoing process of inter-relations.

Property taxes from Bellingham and the western county subsidize eastern county rural services and projects. If the concept of district-only is such a wonderful idea, then it logically follows to me that each district have its own budget based on revenue from within the district. The feudal lords, er-council members, can then bestow favors as they have funds and see fit, while sparing with the other county lords about issues affecting all of Whatcom County. The real choice is between the 10th and 21st centuries.

Don Starr