Letters to the Editor

Disappointed with planning decision

I am extremely disappointed in the Planning Commission’s decision to limit growth. I believe the decision is short sighted and will ultimately create a community where only the wealthy can afford to live, while exacerbating the traffic on all of the roads leading to the city because all of the service providers will drive until they can find reasonably priced housing. This is not new and is the reason that the largest employer in Skagit County is Boeing.

This increases the cost of housing and also means that any new business is likely to go elsewhere because of the lack of available land. We will become a bedroom community for somewhere else.

Alternative D is not being considered because of the expense. Mr. Sepler estimates a cost of $46 million to $56 million over 22 years. That reasoning is precisely why so many of our roads are sub-standard, it did not prevent the school district from building a school off Yew Street or building a school on Aldrich Road prior to annexation. We need our appointed and elected officials to approach this process from a holistic point of view rather than doing cutsy things like mandating some additional artwork for every capital project exceeding $2 million. I strongly support Alternate D, which would at least give us some options for single-family detached housing as opposed to just making the assumption that people will all live in rentals.

Bill Henshaw