Letters to the Editor

Happy forest saved from Ski to Sea

As a long-term Ski-to-Sea competitor and local citizen hoping to defend our team’s title in the car-free division, I’d like to suggest that Pete Coy back off the attack-dog rhetoric, stop blaming city officials for doing their job, and try working collaboratively with others to make the race work out.

Climate change is a bummer. It’s unfortunate that a warm Pacific current this past year pushed all the sockeye around the north end of Vancouver Island to go up the Frazer, brought California weather to the Pacific Northwest, and ruined our ski season. It’s too bad there’s no snow on which to have ski legs in the Ski-to-Sea race.

If someone in city parks told Pete he could run the race through wetlands in the Chuckanut Forest without public input or any environmental review of the potential damage it might cause, that’s unfortunate as well. But I for one would like to thank our mayor and city legal department for following the law and protecting our public assets.

I hope the race committee realizes that there are plenty of well-established mountain bike trails in the south part of Bellingham. They’ve been here since well before a local conservation district was established to bring the Hundred Acre Wood into the public domain. I’d be happy to take Pete on a ride to show him where they are if he doesn’t know.

Gib Morrow