Letters to the Editor

Says global warming a government conspiracy

A recent Gallup poll show that “less than a third of Americans still worry about global warming” even though our government, mainstream media, environmental religionists and the U.N. are screaming that global warming is going to destroy Earth.

I believe policymakers won’t accept the mounting evidence that man-made climate change simply isn’t a threat because they can’t. I believe climate change is the “excuse” necessary to impose the accepted top-down control agenda to change our society and form of government in order to comply with U.N. Agenda 21 by feeding the plan with federal grant money, destroying private property ownership and control and imposing regional councils and government, which takes government further away from the people. I believe the end result is the destruction of many of the few industries we have left in this country. I believe it will require homeowners to pay fees for their “carbon footprints” thus redistributing property owners’ money to the global elite through their global warming program. This program is fed by government grants, (our tax dollars) run through HUD, the EPA and nearly every other agency in the federal government so there no good accounting of how much of our money is being used for this farce.

I believe billions of hard-earned tax dollars are being spent to convince us that our entire life should be dedicated to eradicating this figment of some deranged minds.

Wayne Farber