Letters to the Editor

Unhappy Ski to Sea denied forest use

Great southside message to Ski to Sea racers and the region: Thanks Bellingham for the new $9 million park, now stay out!

Every time the “legal department” makes trail management decisions, the results aren’t pretty. The Hundred Acre Wood has had continually increasing recreational use for decades, a key factor in the communities passion for it’s conservation. Some of that use has created undesirable impacts; impacts that are orders of magnitude greater than a one day race during the spring when plant growth is robust, making it nearly undetectable by comparison. Solutions to issues in key areas are relatively easy and simple, yet somewhere between procrastination and analysis paralysis the powers that be can’t seem to move on them. We need allies, not enemies. Conservation of this space was sold to the public on it’s combination of environmental, scenic and recreational values.

I believe this is a huge embarrassment, but not a surprise.

Gerry Wilbour