Letters to the Editor

Wants Congress to assume war duty

Many Americans believe that members of Congress want to micromanage peace, while they put war on autopilot. Forty-seven Senate Republicans recently signed a letter to President Obama that I believe is essentially an attempt to torpedo diplomacy with Iran, yet both Republicans and Democrats have abdicated their Constitutional authority on matters of declaration of war.

Congress has failed to debate or vote on the on-going war against ISIS. The Constitution clearly states that only Congress has the mandate to authorize war, yet Obama has been using the 2001 authorization for the use of military force as his “cover” to wage his current war.

I urge you to contact your members of Congress and ask them, “are you in favor of perpetual war? Is Congress going to exercise their oversight on war? Or is Congress going to continue to leave it to the executive branch to wage war contrary to the Constitution?”

Tell Congress they must repeal, and not replace, the authorization which was passed just after 9/11. For 14 years two presidents, Bush and Obama, have used the authorization to justify endless war. It has allowed Congress to abdicate its Constitutional role to legislate wars. Let’s close this chapter in American history.

Micki Jackson