Letters to the Editor

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy questioned

And here we go again. Does it seem likely to pretty much everyone else that back in 2008 the Democratic Party made a promise to Hillary Clinton that if she dropped out of the presidential race against Barack Obama she would run pretty much unopposed in the next election where an incumbent Democrat wasn’t running for President?

Well here she is, Elizabeth Warren light, standing up for every cause that she should have supported six years ago while not making any promises, or giving any indication on just how she intends to solve any of these issues that are truly paramount to the true progressive mind set. I’m sorry Hillary, but you have quite a ways to go before you convince me of your real concern and solidarity with the ever shrinking middle class of which I am also a part of.

And, until you do convince me of what you really stand for as a progressive candidate, I’m supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont, a liberal-minded independent that will run as a Democrat, or perhaps even Jill Stein of the Green Party if Bernie Sanders eventually drops out.

My final thought, run Elizabeth Warren run, and I promise that you will get my full unwavering support and vote. And I’m pretty certain that I’m not the only one who feels that way!

Bill Walker

Maple Fall