Letters to the Editor

Wants streetlights in Happy Valley

My concern is that there are not enough streetlights in Bellingham neighborhoods, specifically in ones such as Happy Valley. I believe neighborhoods like this lack sufficient lighting for community members to feel safe walking at night. If safety is a priority for the city of Bellingham, the lack of existing streetlights should be a concern for our community at large. We need to make it easier and safer to walk in all neighborhoods throughout Bellingham. In the current condition of many of the streets neighboring Sehome Village, it is way too dark and unsafe for anyone to be walking at night, whether it is alone or with people. It is necessary we demand better-lit neighborhoods.

This issue disproportionately affects students and people that rely on public transportation. I believe community members are risking their safety by walking at night in these neighborhoods, and it shouldn’t have to be that way. If there were an increased amount of streetlights in Bellingham neighborhoods, particularly Happy Valley, we would gain a heightened awareness of our surroundings while walking at night and feel a lot safer.

I urge you to contact your City Council representatives via email at ccmail@cob.org or via phone at 360-778-8200, and urge them to demand more streetlights in Bellingham neighborhoods, specifically Happy Valley.

Weyni Haddis