Letters to the Editor

Thanks sheriff for organizing search

Recently I received an automated phone call from my grandson’s school that he was not in attendance. I assumed he was sick but when my wife called our daughter she assured us that she had dropped him off at the rural bus stop on her way to work so she called 911. I called neighbors to see if they knew anything. Then my wife and I decided to drive to the school to ensure that he was not there. As we drove out of our driveway we met Sheriff Elfo, who updated us. The Ferndale Police were checking the school area and they reported he was not at school. They had already checked the bus barn and he was not there. This information really caused us to panic. The deputies kept us updated and we were informed the bus driver had been located and remembered that our grandchild had got on and off the bus. So the assumption was made he did not go in the building and the Ferndale Police began to search the surrounding area. Shortly thereafter someone actually checked the classroom and that is where he had been all the time. I was not very impressed with those at the school that relayed mis-information but I was greatly impressed by the Sheriff and the deputies. There quick response, professional behavior and thoughtfulness by keeping us informed of the new information coming in was beyond reproach. An A-plus if I could give them a grade. Thank you, Sheriff and your deputies. The Ferndale police also, though we never had contact with them.

Larry Illman