Letters to the Editor

Concerned Gateway will harm the environment

Consider this information from the Pacific International and Gateway Pacific Terminals permit application and the PUD No. 1:

1.9 billion gallons yearly taken from the Nooksack River (mostly needed during the dry summer months);

At full operation provide 257 permanent jobs;

Environment negatively affected by more than 3 million pounds of coal-dust emitted into the air yearly;

Uncovered coal piles if laid end to end would run 2½ miles, 6 stories high;

Six Ferndale schools are within 5 miles of these piles;

19 1.5-mile trains passing through our area daily, increasing diesel emissions;

Trains would create increase in traffic and block traffic near RR crossings causing delays in emergency responders;

An increase in vessels shipping coal in our local waters would negatively impact our fishing industry which provide us over 2,000 local jobs.

It is proposed that Ferndale School District would receive $1.4 million annually in taxes from Gateway, but due to the state-dictated formula, Ferndale won’t receive any additional funds. According to school Superintendent Quinn, “It isn’t going to cause an influx of money into our school system.”

For more information check out powerpastcoal.org and re-sources.org/ppc. These are just two organizations that have spoken out against the Gateway project. Now your voice needs to be heard protecting Whatcom County and our environment. We can do better.

Naomi Murphy