Letters to the Editor

Wants amendment to overturn Citizens United

The campaign to support I-735 has launched! This statewide effort would make Washington the 17th state to call for a constitutional amendment to overturn what I believe to be the corrupting Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Our U.S. constitution would then state three things: only human beings, not corporations, should have full constitutional rights; money is not free speech; and local, state and federal governments shall regulate and disclose political contributions.

In Bellingham last Saturday, over 50 new volunteers signed up to collect signatures on petitions to send I-735 to the state legislature, and then to the November 2016 ballot. Over 200 people at the Bellingham Farmers Market signed this petition that day. Thank you to all of these concerned citizens. Thanks also to Barbara Brenner, Whatcom County Council member, and Michael Lilliquist, Bellingham City Council member, for speaking at the event, to the Critical Mass Marching Band, Rick Aydelotte, and Rita Kraft for music, and to Boundary Bay for hosting the event in its beer garden. Go to WAmend.org to find out more about this campaign to get big money out of elections so that our votes matter! To get petitions and connect with the local group, call Debbie at 360-920-0981. Let’s make our government of, by, and for the people!

Ellie Posel