Letters to the Editor

Finds disservice in Affordable Care Act

“If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it’s free.” This quote has been making the rounds, and continues to be amusing, amusing because I believe it is true. There was a time when a trip to the doctor meant pulling out your wallet and paying the bill. End of story - done, finished. No third parties, no paperwork, no government-mandated codes and intricate diagnoses. No funny money.

No young person today remembers anything even remotely that simple. Third-party administrative costs have added tremendously to the complications and expense of health care. I believe the whole concept of people taking responsibility for their own lives has not only disappeared but been made impossible.

I believe Obama did our country a great disservice with the so-called Affordable Health Care Act. I believe Medicaid is a laughable excuse for health insurance. Meanwhile, I believe the insurance systems that were working have been destroyed. To me, Obamacare is an example of government at its worst.

Susan Blondell Kaplan