Letters to the Editor

Suggests activism to save the world

Like the guy in the cartoon with the sign that reads “The End Is Near,” I have had that very thought. And, I’m not sure why, it no longer quite scares me to death. I believe we can save the world by changing our consumer-driven corporation-controlled lives. For example, support the movement to get the world’s richest health-related charities, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Welcome Trust, to divest from the fossil fuel industry.

Change the face of the planet for the better through acts both great and small. Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth. Don’t buy a new car. Dedicate your remaining days to advocacy for the sharp reduction of coal- and oil-generated energy and the deployment of sustainable-source technologies. Find your own nightmare and get it out into the open; others will see it as a familiar vision.

There is everything we can do. Seek out pockets of heresy where people deeply question the way we live, and figure out ways to act in support of Earth — which will get along with us or without us, depending on the choices we make. Otherwise, there may be no habitable world for our children’s children.

Enough of ignoring or avoiding the problems that put our survival in doubt. We may in fact be at the brink. So far, we can all touch parts of the monster, but it’s so huge we can’t quite envision the full catastrophe.

Rick Hermann