Letters to the Editor

Backs Sanders for president

During the past decade I may well have been at your door during election season. Whether you live in my Lynden neighborhood or Bellingham’s Sunnyland, York or Birchwood, I have urged you to vote. And I have heard your growing frustration and anger.

During that time I have noticed the growing disparity of income and wealth of people of our country. We have seen the middle class disappear as they and poor families scramble to find three or four jobs to meet the cost of rent, utilities, healthcare, food, child care, education.

In 1952, over 30 percent of federal tax revenue came from corporations. Now they pay less than 11 percent of the needed funds with one-quarter of corporations paying no tax because of outrageous loopholes. That leaves us regular people and small local businesses to pick up the slack. We are becoming aware and getting angry.

During the past decade I have listened to the common sense of Sen. Bernie Sanders and that is why I am pleased that Bernie has offered to run for president. I am among the 175,000 who have offered to help get his message out. Watch him deliver the message that we can restore our democracy and have a country that works for all of us. Talk to your family and friends to encourage them to listen and think and hope.

We are smart and powerful enough to take back our country and have government that focuses on liberty and justice for all.

Alyce Werkema