Letters to the Editor

Concerned about acoustic neuromas

On April 28, Mayor Kelli Linville issued a proclamation declaring May 10-16 ANAwareness Week.

Acoustic neuroma is a rare, benign brain tumor that affects close to two in every 100,000 individuals. There are more than three dozen people in Whatcom and Skagit counties that I have met or know of who have been diagnosed with these tumors. It may be one of the most under-reported disorders impacting your readership. The most common first symptom is hearing loss in the tumor ear. Other symptoms can include painful headaches, facial paralysis, ringing in the ears, balance problems and more. Very common symptoms. It is possible people could be suffering from an acoustic neuroma and not even be aware of it. It is important the media begins addressing this health concern.

Acoustic neuroma Association and its 5,000 members across the nation will participate in spreading the word of acoustic neuroma symptoms so that others may be diagnosed and treated while tumors are small. Founded in 1981, the association is a national non-profit organization focused on education and support at national and local levels for those impacted. It also serves as an essential resource for health care professionals treating acoustic neuromas patients.

For more information visit anausa.org.

Marla Bronstein