Letters to the Editor

Wants officials elected by district voters

Those of us who were here in 2009 when Kathy Kerschner was elected to the County Council from the 1st District remember well the howls of protest from the left. God forbid that a conservative could be elected from their district without getting a majority of the vote in the district. These same liberals were strangely silent in 2013 when their candidates, with major help from outside money, won seats in the 2nd and 3rd Districts without getting a majority of the vote in either. I believe that fair representation requires that the person elected from a council district receive a majority of the votes from the people he or she represents.

I also find it disingenuous that the RE.Sources for Sustainable Communities’ Action Alert recently read at a Charter Review meeting cites outside money in the election of the members of the Charter Review Commission. Noted liberal activist Tom Steyer from San Francisco and other outside environmental interests spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to elect liberals to the state legislature from the 42nd District in 2014. A careful assessment of the expenditure record will, I believe, show that this outside money was also used to back their candidates for Charter Review.

I believe they protested because their effort was unsuccessful in winning.

Hard work by the candidates themselves allowed the voices of the voters in Districts 2 and 3 to be heard, not money from outside interests.

Robert Thorndike