Letters to the Editor

Reminds voters don’t always get last word

I see that those who promoted the legalization of marijuana in Washington are now upset that Republicans in the Senate propose to use tax money derived from the sale of marijuana on K-12 education. They say that other uses of the money were approved by the voters when Initiative I-502 was passed. This is true, but they forget that the will of the voters is not sacrosanct in Washington. Tax-limitation or tax–reduction initiatives I-695, I-722, I-747, I-960, I-1053 and I-1185 were all approved by the voters, but were either overridden by the legislature or declared unconstitutional on what I believe to be petty grounds by the courts. We didn’t hear many liberal cries about the will of the people then; I guess it does depend on whose ox is being gored.

Denis Hayner