Letters to the Editor

Questions city’s water metering

Our city’s water bill? I’ve called the city about how our water bill is only $6 less for two people than a home with six people? I was told by the city that maybe they conserved in a way that we are not.

I was told to call public works. I called public works and asked that they come to our home and test the meter for any missed functions. I was told that they do not drive around checking our meter reading, that a signal is sent from our water meter to a center pole for reading our usage. I was told that an average of four something per person each billing cycle. If this is true, then why do we have a meter if service is base on an average usage?

I believe that the city uses the water usage cash cow. Someone within the system should be able to tell us how the water is regulated. How a household of six-plus pays only s$6 more than a household of two?

Peter Pavlik