Letters to the Editor

Suggests commission stacking votes to win

It is one thing to lose and be bitter about it. It is quite another to try and change the rules so that you never lose again. That’s what I believe the local Tea Party is doing right now. After Whatcom County rose up and said no to the coal trains and the people who shill for them, the Tea Party wants to roll back the clock. I believe they are using the Charter Review Commission to change the rules so that they won’t lose again.

It is an old technique, used for generations by Jim Crow, to redraw the lines so that your guy always wins and their guy does not. The local Tea Party is trying to make sure that the people of Bellingham do not have a voice in how their county taxes are spent and how many of those dollars go into the pockets of the coal companies. Shame on the Charter Review commission for being sore losers.

Bradford Stewart