Letters to the Editor

Teacher concerned with impacts of tests

As a teacher, I have noticed many misconceptions about teachers and am frustrated by the ignorance shared on social networks regarding Friday’s walk out. Teachers took a day to stand up and make a difference for our kids. That day will be made up and all teachers will uphold their contracted time with students. Why the walk out? Definitely not for a raise. As a teacher with a masters plus 90 or more college credits and 22 years, I haven’t seen a raise for six years and won’t ever see a raise again. We are asking for the cost-of-living adjustments that voters approved years ago and legislators suspended. One of our biggest concerns, really, is high-stakes testing. It’s not because we don’t want to be held accountable for our job, but the injustice of being held accountable for the myriad of obstacles out of our control, as well as the effects these tests will have on our classrooms. When teachers are paid based on student test scores, high-achieving students will be pushed aside as they are ready to “pass.” Students with learning disabilities will be considered a liability, a detriment to the learning environment. No matter how much growth these students make over the year, they will get a letter stating they failed. As a parent of a child in each of these groups, that is not OK with me. The state was ordered to fully fund education by the Supreme Court. Be informed and thank a teacher.

Tammy Buss Alejandre