Letters to the Editor

Wants action to save salmon

I believe we need river stewards and no hatcheries or our salmon are history within the next 20 years!

Also needed are catch-limit enforcement out to 200 miles and satellite monitoring of U.S. and foreign fishing boats even beyond that. Pacific Ocean perch were gone before the 1970s and were it not for the Magnuson-Stevens 200-mile Act in 1975, many other species in the Pacific and Bering Sea, including salmon and king crab, could be missing now, as well.

Today, however, salmon do survive in this state, although barely! Hatchery fish, because they are larger, eat smelt and smaller wilds on their way down rivers and out to sea. And most aren’t quite sure where they’re going when they come back. Needless-to-say, hatchery, as well as wild salmon returns, are declining.

River stewards, on the other hand, by telling three or four new sheriff’s deputies paid for by hatchery shutdowns which “runoffs” to test during dead periods on routine patrols, would be effecting cuts in pollution that do bring some bottom feeders and wild salmon back. Their main potential, however, is in nominal two-page synopses on habitat conditions in their individual corridors that, in aggregate, tell the County Council pretty close to exactly what it will take to get wild salmon back en masse.

Bottom line: river stewards and no hatcheries, now! Otherwise, all salmon are out of here with enormous consequence to tribes, farms, jobs and taxpayers.

Terry Montonye