Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with noise from motorcycles

It is Sunday afternoon. People who went to church have now returned and are lying down to take a nap.

Their sleep is interrupted since the local children’s club of motorcycles have to exercise themselves, showing all how their motors can roar. Of course it is against the law to modify the mufflers on their chariots of noise, but that is OK even though the ordinance proscribes such modifications. We do not have a police force that can enforce such ordinances because of the costs. You would have to have a decibel meter and the chief won’t let them have such esoteric equipment. The guns for enforcement ought to be enough, don’t cha think? Except it is just noise, maybe impolite and certainly impolitic but hardly requires the use of a gun.

There is little hope, so let us all pray that clouds will open up and wet them all down, quietly of course and bring relief to us all.

J. Kaye Faulkner