Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with action by teachers union

I was shocked to learn that teachers in Bellingham, along with other county districts, planned to not show up for work one Friday in an effort to protest a perceived lack of education funding. What planet do these teachers and their union representatives live on? Both the House and Senate budgets call for increasing K-12 education funding by a whopping $1.3 billion, the largest such increase in state history. Instead of saying “thank you” for the extra cash, I believe the teachers have once again used our children as pawns in their selfish game of gimme.

This isn’t the first time teachers and their union have, I believe, put our kids in harm’s way for their own gains. In the previous legislative session, I believe the Washington Education Association forced their Democrat minions in the legislature to reject a modest teacher evaluation proposal which would have allowed our state’s public schools to retain control of $40 million in federal funds to help impoverished children get the education they deserve. Why did they do this? Because they refuse to have statewide assessment scores be any part of teacher evaluations. Their evaluations could have given a 1 percent weight to test scores and we would have retained control of that money.

I believe they continue to use our children as bargaining chips. It is time for teachers and the Washington Education Association to start putting students first, and their personal desire for more cash in their pockets second.

Nick Evans