Letters to the Editor

Wants Citizens United decision to be repealed

I believe the Republicans are so unabashedly pathetic at governing that they border on the criminal. As “public servants” they have taken the people’s money and given “us” nothing in return. On what I believe to be the two most important issues of our times — the threat of nuclear war and the consequences of “global weirding” — I believe Republicans have chosen to play “we hate Obama games” as they push for war and take money from big oil, gas and coal. In my opinion they have become thieves and embezzlers at best; warmongers and traitors at worst (specifically the 47 Republicans who signed Sen. Cotton letter to Iran recently).

With few exceptions, I believe most Republicans and a some Democrats work on behalf of corporations. Putting profits over our the common good, I believe they legislate against health care, equal pay, increases to the minimum wage, voting rights, gun control, Wall Street reforms and scores of other social and environmental needs, in a trade-off for campaign dollars, personal power and luxurious lifestyles.

If concerned citizens fail to vote these “Ayn Randers” out, I am afraid the stage will be set for revolution. Citizens United must be repealed and the public funding of elections must promptly begin if we wish to avoid such chaos.

Dennis Smith