Letters to the Editor

Says letter writer misses complexity

A recent letter, “Belief in self trumps crusades,” I believe summarily dismisses the war on women, income inequality, institutionalized racism and man-made global warming as bogus.

I believe it redefines unsupported blithering generalities, once again sadly demonstrating the binary, polemic logic of a mindset sadly lacking in capacity through willful, yes even arrogant ignorance, of grappling with complexity.

The not-so-thinly veiled Libertarian jeremiad goes on to say that “many join a crusade because they are frustrated with their own lives and are taking the easy way out in order to avoid real solutions to their problems.”

So, thanks for so openly and honestly, and I must say eloquently, articulating what I believe to be self-revelation behind the motivation of man-made climate warming doubters. Well said, could not have said it better myself.

Michael Kominsky