Letters to the Editor

Wants rehabilitation, not new county jail

I run in a pretty small circle, but just recently I know two people who have had to spend time behind bars here in our local jail. One individual for questionable justice. The other individual gets to go behind bars after committing the same traffic infraction that at least two of our local elected officials have committed (and, to my knowledge, didn’t have to serve time for their violation). So how come we have over crowding in the jail? It’s starting to look to me like non-penal offenses are being administered to pack the jail to justify building a new one. I for one am voting no on the funding of new jail. We don’t need a new toy for our elected officials to play with. I vote we tar and feather the lawyers and judges and anyone else involved in this scheme and run them out of town on the next coal train. What we need is rehabilitation facilities, and rehabilitation does not happen in jail. We’ve proved that over the last 100 or more years in this country.

Larry Campbell