Letters to the Editor

Concerned about government spending

I read an article about what I believe to be our unbalanced out-of-control, federal budget. I believe it is tremendously irresponsible for Senators Cantwell and Murray to vote against a balanced budget. Think of a credit card that the government runs up to the max limit and out-of-sight interest. Then, instead of paying down the balance, they raise the card limit, and max the card out again. As the interest payments mount, the normal thing to do is pay off the balance. But no, our elected officials just keep spending money not covered by tax revenue, and the interest payment just keeps going up. This fiscal irresponsibility has got to be stopped. Help get an amendment passed for a balanced budget to be forced on the government. Taxpayers are footing the bill. That’s us, those few still paying taxes and working.

Stephen C. Adenau