Letters to the Editor

Sees benefit in Gateway terminal

The Gateway terminal is a game-changer for Whatcom County. If you take the time to listen to the facts, and not the fear-mongering, I believe you will see that this industry will really help our community in several ways.

First, of course, are the jobs. Some people say there won’t be that many jobs, but I believe it will bring over 1,000 permanent jobs that can support families, and also 4,000-plus jobs that will develop as a result of a couple years of construction. The taxes Gateway will pay go to county schools that need the money the state can’t afford to provide. Unlike big retail businesses that want tax breaks, Gateway is not asking for any subsidy. The project will pay its own way. I believe it will join the other good neighbor industries who have benefited our community at Cherry Point. Environmentally, I believe it will surpass all of Washington’s extremely high standards. If you care about the people who are trying to make a living and afford to live here, I believe you will see that this shipping terminal is a real benefit for now and the future.

Patric Sheppard