Letters to the Editor

Suggests changes to share food

In the United States, nearly 25 percent of children struggle to get enough food in their diet. In this day in age where we have vast resources available to us as a society it is a shame for any of those to go to waste, especially when children are starving. According to NPR, “… 133 billion pounds of food was lost in 2010, that’s 31 percent of the total food supply.” This is food that is created and simply discarded, I believe, because retailers are afraid of the liability and financial costs attached to donating it to those in need. As a country, I believe we need to stand up to change the system to reduce the factors that discourage corporations from donating unused food items. The benefits of this change would be vast in helping create a healthier and more prosperous nation. Children in need as well as countless homeless shelters across the nation would be flooded with a regular supply of food that the temporarily less-fortunate so desperately need. Plus, it could help to reduce the cost of food for everyday Americans by using the existing supply more efficiently. We need to stand up and make this an issue that is more aware and forefront in the minds of Americans. I believe we can make progress towards the problem of under-nourished children in our country without it costing us a penny.

Zack Paukert