Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with leaders’ ban on Indiana

“No brains, no service” — this is a sign I bought at an antique store in Olympia years ago.

I would like to dedicate it to our governor, mayors and others for following like sheep and saving state employees and the rest of us from the big bad wolf Indiana. This is so tiring. I’m tired of being expected to tolerate others’ intolerance. I’m tired and concerned for those whose only “offense” is to think for themselves, live and work by their values/beliefs — religious or otherwise, and who are trying to mind their own business.

Why can’t others tolerate that? I believe these people don’t want to see others hurt or lose their livelihood, which is what the intolerant are doing to them. I believe they just don’t want to be forced into celebrating one “norm,” amongst several other “norms”of today’s society, that they don’t accept. Sadly, there are several things that have become the “norm” in our society that I don’t want to celebrate either. But I fully understand I can do nothing about it, except choose to not participate in the celebration. Let the intolerant comments on The Herald’s opinion website begin.

Joey McAlpine