Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with protest over dress code

I believe the world is on fire: Iran will get the bomb, Israel may be annihilated, Hillary refuses to show her e-mail, the planet is being ruined, terrorists crucify, burn, torture and kill. Right here in Bellingham, the Bornemann family has been beset by tragedy. Yet during Easter Week, The Bellingham Herald printed a story on the front page about girls I believe to be petulant juveniles with their backsides hanging out, let’s call it what it is, demanding rights they have not earned. How dare experienced adults with 18 years of education set boundaries for teens whose brains won’t be formed for years. Suspension and community service might be a cure.

I solicit any of these involved in this nonsense to attend an inner city school where the length of their life might be more important than the length of their clothing. This is trivia at its finest.

I believe schools must teach what is appropriate in polite society even if it means challenging those who stamp their feet. There are many teens making a difference, going beyond their own egos, becoming caring kind people, making a change for the good of all. Let’s hear about these instead of others with a vested interest seeking the spotlight by knowingly breaking the rules set up for their own protection.

Miki Gilliland