Letters to the Editor

Finds no sense in Clinton candidacy

We as a nation, under God, hope its citizens recognize and carefully glean our political closet of potential presidential candidates. To select and elect the right person should be based on their integrity, their ethics and their moral compass. It is often difficult to lean towards one candidate over another, but it defines a person by those aforementioned character traits. With that in mind, I believe it is beyond any common sense to even consider Hillary Clinton. Is that the representation you might choose to lead this great nation that I still have exceeding faith in serving its people? I choose to value my values, though not perfect, to determine who should be that leader. This is not a political party choice, but someone who I believe lacks that integrity, ethical and moral value that can lift our country out of that abyss that I believe we’re slipping into. I hope, and pray, Americans do not give Clinton and her values to cloud that most distinguished position. I still hope we all can honor with pride a just, honest, non-self-serving individual that I can respect. Things are not done a “Clinton” way, they are to be done by representation of all Americans.

Dan Arola